List of all 6GB RAM Android Phones

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List of all 6GB RAM Android Phones

First 2GB, then 3GB and now 4GB! Yes, we are talking about RAM in smartphones, and genuinely the question arises what next. It seems that with each passing year a new standard is set to achieve in smartphone RAM. Literally, mobile market is swelling with phones having RAM more than ever. Surprisingly while on the one hand iPhone is unfazed by all this brouhaha over RAM and using still 2GB, on the other hand Android makers, to rope in more and more buyers and in keeping with the trend, are equipping their smartphones with unprecedentedly high RAM.



Once there was a time when Galaxy Note 3 was the only mobile phone to have 3GB RAM and to be honest at the time this much of RAM was considered a little redundant. Then came a time when 3GB RAM phones were no longer a rarity. Everybody was awestruck when Asus made a splash with its 4GB RAM phone.

Asus 4GB phone, that is Asus Zenfone 2 was an overnight success and sold like hotcakes. Soon other companies, especially the Chinese mobile makers, followed the suit and the current scenario is that almost every high-end tagged mobile has now 4GB RAM.

But this race to more and more RAM has apparently no end as the mobile companies, after all, have to do something to stay ahead of the game and lure the customers. The China-based company Vivo was the first to usher in the age of 6GB RAM mobile phones and as expected pulled in the feature-obsessed buyers. The first 6GB RAM phone, Vivo Xplay5 Elite, was launched in March 2016. Just imagine how splendid a phone should perform, which is not only equipped with 6GB RAM but also contains the most advanced SoC Snapdragon 820. In a nutshell, 6GB RAM phones at present have everything one can ask for, not to mention heavy gaming and heavy multi-tasking.

So let’s have a look at the 6GB smartphones that have been launched so far.