How to pose for a photo: lessons from street style fashionistas

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How to pose for a photo: lessons from street style fashionistas

Street style - a real fashion phenomenon, which is difficult to characterize in a nutshell. He regularly gives us a lot of beautiful ideas for creating stylish looks, offers countless new hairstyles and makeup options, and also teaches you how to positively position in front of cameras for street photographers.yle of street style.



6 popular poses street fashionistas

“I went online”

Smartphones, iPhones and other modern phones are a real wand for all those who do not know where to put their hands when they photograph it. Now you do not need to wrestle them in an unnatural position, just take the phone and pretend that you are in correspondence with someone.

“Are you coming to me?”

Attentive mods often pay attention to the front view, but if there is a need to demonstrate the back view, always use this pose. Going forward, turn your head back and smile at the camera - so you will not only create a memorable photo, but also show everyone how your favorite blouse or jacket looks from the back.

“Hair by ear”

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In many books on psychology it is written that when a woman runs a lock of hair behind her ear, she tries to attract the attention of the opposite sex to herself and thus seem more attractive to others. And what else can you desire from fashion photography? Boldly adopt this technique if you want to create a spectacular shot.

“Important call”

The most difficult thing that photomodels have to do is to preserve the natural expression of the face and the relaxed position of the body. Especially, when this tirelessly recalls the photographer. If you encounter the same problem during photo sessions, put the phone to your ear and imagine you are talking to some important person or client. Concentrating on a “phone conversation” will allow you to look more natural and natural, so that your poses for the photo will seem involuntary and even more beautiful.

“Walking Wide”

Another example of a deceptively-laid-down pose for a fashion photo, when a girl walks on the road, paying no attention to anyone. It seems that the photographer accidentally caught it in the frame. But we know that she specially posed for him, even in such an unobvious manner. Therefore, wanting to have as many diverse photos, be sure to use this technique. A snapshot taken during the movement will allow you to demonstrate the appearance of the skirt or trousers captured in the profile, and also draw the attention of others to how beautifully they sit on your figure.

“Together is more fun”

Pose for photos, where girls walk around the city on arm in arm with a friend - a life buoy for those who are afraid to panic. Of course, such a trick will not allow you to develop your own photogenic. But it is very popular among photomodels, and therefore can be used by you as one of the possible options for creating attractive pictures in the st